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Overgearing Heroines


Benjamin's starting point is the shrine of three deities handled by three sister priestesses? Appearing in a fantasy world and receiving a mythical subclass, World Menace Investor(which allows him to

Ace Dragon Rider

author:Gao Sen

Long Yi, a fighter pilot, crossed over to the White Dragon Empire. In order to return to the skies, Long Yi enrolled at the Dragon Knight Academy. Here, he trained in Fighting Aura, practiced Mana, nu



“Wait... Where am I and... who am i?” Just after he thought he was successfully betrayed and killed by his most favored surbodinate. Taylor finds himself on the floor of a remote alley “Don't tell me

The Hidden Family


In the Origin Realm there are beings who lived there but these beings are made out of either chaos or cosmic pure mana. Only one being is made from both and he has been around longer than the cosmos c

Azure Heaven Saber

author:Feng Lingtianxia

With one strike of the sword, I cut through the path of life and death, and slay all those who have betrayed! ...... I don't want to be the sword; I want to be the swordsman. I don't want to be a pawn

The Immortal Human Returns


Disgraced and betrayed, the last human, an immortal, exiles himself after killing the gods. For thousands of years he lived a lonely existence, building empty monuments for an empty heart. However, fa