Ace Dragon Rider

Ace Dragon Rider

Ace Dragon Rider

author:Gao Sen


Latest chapter:Chapter 26 : Transforming Dragon?

time:2024-01-05 12:31:32


Brief Introduction:

Long Yi, a fighter pilot, crossed over to the White Dragon Empire. In order to return to the skies, Long Yi enrolled at the Dragon Knight Academy. Here, he trained in Fighting Aura, practiced Mana, nurtured giant dragons, and harnessed the strength of a giant. Through continuous cultivation, he ultimately became an Imperial Dragon Knight.

Latest chapter     

Chapter 26 : Transforming Dragon?

Chapter 25 : Group fight? You guys can't handle it!

Chapter 24 - Chapter 20: Kidnap? Just you guys? _2

Chapter 23 - Chapter 20: Kidnap? You guys?

Chapter 22 - Chapter 19: Metal Processing Madman!

Chapter 21 - Chapter 18 Instructor Training!

Chapter 20 - Chapter 17 We Love to Learn!

Chapter 19 - Chapter 16 High-end goods!_2

Chapter 18 - Chapter 16 High-end goods!

Chapter 17 - Chapter 15: The Blacksmith's Golden Hammer

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