The Immortal Human Returns

The Immortal Human Returns

The Immortal Human Returns



Latest chapter:Chapter 48 - Swordmaidens Or Not? (1)

time:2023-12-30 10:40:32


Brief Introduction:

Disgraced and betrayed, the last human, an immortal, exiles himself after killing the gods. For thousands of years he lived a lonely existence, building empty monuments for an empty heart. However, fate moves and soon he is thrust back into the world he left behind, confronted by both old and new.

Would he go forth and regain his humanity? Or will he finally surrender to grief and enact his final vengeance?

Latest chapter     

Chapter 48 - Swordmaidens Or Not? (1)

Chapter 47 - Against A Lich (3)

Chapter 46 - Against A Lich (2)

Chapter 45 - Against A Lich (1)

Chapter 44 - Under An Oak

Chapter 43 - An Unexpected Burial

Chapter 42 - A Wider World

Chapter 41 - Troubled Halfling

Chapter 40 - A Monster's Suffering (2)

Chapter 39 - A Monster's Suffering (1)

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